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I am an artist and very energenic person myself. I am currently looking for somewhere to live being ive been in a group home the last three years due to mom not wanting to take care of me. cureently on the lookout to get a job and get my life in order. the rent I can do with my social security. which I get 750 a month and I want to be able to get a job. Just looking around for places to live so I wont be homeless. My mother really screwed me over. I can assure you im a very neat quiet person. I am very artsy I love to paint draw do photography and write stories. I most likely would be doing something creative. I am the age of 18 and I am in no way a troubled teen. just about completed with my schooling, working my butt off. Just looking for somewhere to live so I can build my foundation for success. I live in Jefferson New Hampshire currently so I'm just looking for rooms to rent so I don't have to work from the streets.

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Posted on 11 October 2018