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I am 63 years old, I do not smoke or make noise. Am very active and enjoy walking and enjoying the great weather in SF. I retired from Santa Clara County in December of 2007. ...
Journalist-freelancer from Moscow, recently moved to California, now looking for a nice place to live in San Francisco Bay area
Looking to rent a room: a) near to, or b) accessible to transportation toward SFSU. Philosophy graduate student
Hayden hasn't added a description yet, send a message to find out more...
Gay Brit looking for a Room to Rent in San Francisco, I am a very easy going quiet tidy roommate, quite friendly and sociable but also like to spend time by myself, quite busy...
Hi! I am 40 y.o. professional (I work in digital marketing) and looking to move to SF sometime in mid July. Once my start date at my new job is finalized. I am looking for som...
I am easy to get along with and I know what it is like to be the landlord because I own 6 units back in Wisconsin. I am very clean and have a great sense of interior design...
anything really just someone easy to get on with, am not a fan of dogs but can cope with small ones other than that am the best room mate ever XX
Im a Indiana native live here all my life and just cant take the northern US weathern anymore its just to cold and dreary for me. Aside from the weather i want to be in a city...
I'm looking for a cheap, small room. I'm from Los Angeles and visiting SF right now - Staying in a hotel temporarily till I find a place to move into. I'm a nurse assistant wo...
Friendly, mature, professional gay male seeking a living space in a safe, stable, clean household. Easygoing environment where trust is important and privacy is respected.
Room needed 1st week of August. Looking for a gay friendly roommate. Moving to SF for my new job. I'm a very mellow and quiet person.
My name is louis I am a 45 year old gay male single i do not drink or do drugs. I do have a dog but can leave him with my ex lover if its a problem . I am ready to move in n...
Want room in agay house for holidays and perhaps loger later
I currently live in San Mateo and would like to relocate to either close to the university or perhaps around the Castro.
I work from home so will need reliable internet. I am contracted for the next 5 years so am looking for something permanent. I do not have any pets at this time but do not m...
Looking for a room from 8th August to 26 August. I am gay man from Barcelona (Spain) and I am going to San Francisco for an english course and also to have fun and visit the c...
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