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I am an open openmind girl from Mideast, and I am 27years. I wish I have a respectful roommate and girl. I had grate accommodation with American girl, but she moved another ci...
I am a Phd student from the netherlands and I am looking for a room in San Diego for the months may june and juli(preferably close to the Scripps research institute). During ...
Hello! My name is Alexa. I am currently a college student looking for a room for rent. I have two cats, have my own car, and work part time. I am majoring in Graphic arts, a...
Hi Alex, I found your ad on Craiglist. I am Sanjay Agrawal, 4th year undergraduate of Mathematics and Computing Department at *Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT...
I am a student in San Diego for six months from May to November
I'm a student from Italy and I'm looking for a room aviable PB zone, if is possible or closest zones. I'm frandly and easy. no pets no child
Looking for someone to share an apartment.
I am a graduate student moving to San Diego from Minnesota and am looking for somewhere to room or someone to room with near San Diego State University. I have a well behaved ...
I am 24 years old. I am international student. I am going to live here 5 years for study English and business insurance. I am singer , funny , quite , and respect all the peop...
I'm going to MESA College for a semester starting Fall 2014 until I can claim residency then I'll be transferring to San Diego State. I plan on moving to California from Conne...
Hey there, my name is Ariel, I'm a 19 year old full time college student, part time barista. I'm looking to pick up a second job so I can actually afford rent and I'm looking...
-Student at SDSU - Relaxed - Easy going - Clean Roommate - likes to Party aswell
Student looking for a room and roommate near Clairemont/ Mesa College.
39-M, from Los Angeles. and will be going to school in SD. Looking for a room to rent. I am educated and responsible. I do not do drugs or smoke. I am gay, private, and friend...
I'm moving out of my parents place and looking for a room to rent. I'm a part time student with a part time job, looking for another. I have plenty saved. Enough to be stable ...
I am a 22 year old male who is looking for a room to rent in the North San Diego County. I currently attend Palomar College and work at Kohls in San Marcos and have the dream...
I am looking for a room in the San Diego area, I currently live in Utah and I am moving down to SD soon for graduate school. I love outdoor sports like biking, hiking, and run...
21 years old with an awesome 3 year old black lab
I need an extremely cheap room to rent given that I am an international student with limited budget. I am organized, clean, cooperative, friendly, easy to live with, and with ...
Hello! I just moved here from Nashville,TN to attend school at Pacific college of oriental medicine. I am quiet, mostly introverted at home although I do like a good gathering...
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