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My name is Haleigh. I plan on moving to San Diego, La Mesa area and im looking for a roommate whose laid back, easy going, chill and just brings good vibes.
My name is David and I am a French student in Engineering. I am currently doing my fourth year and am moving to San Diego for a 5 month internship. I'm a nice guy who enjoys g...
I'm friendly, I like reading and I work as a contractor to pay my Masters Degree.
I am 24 years old. I am international student. I am going to live here 5 years for study English and business insurance. I am singer , funny , quite , and respect all the peop...
30yr old female from Perth, Australia seeking a 6-8 month beach rental in Carlsbad/Encinitas area. I'll be studying Gemmology full time at GIA for 6 months beginning May 8, ar...
I am a graduate student moving to San Diego from Minnesota and am looking for somewhere to room or someone to room with near San Diego State University. I have a well behaved ...
i am looking for a place to stay for college mabye a two bedroom i wont take up too much space at all
I am clean and easygoing. Currently, I go to UCSD to learn English and planning to join a graduate program. I don't smoke or take drugs. Please feel free to ask any questions....
Hi, I'm a student. I am easy to get along with. I'm not just saying that. I am completely flexible, willing to sacrifice, and not too many things will make me mad. I'm respe...
Hey there, my name is Ariel, I'm a 19 year old full time college student, part time barista. I'm looking to pick up a second job so I can actually afford rent and I'm looking...
I am a Phd student from the netherlands and I am looking for a room in San Diego for the months may june and juli(preferably close to the Scripps research institute). During ...
23 year old girl looking for roomies near SDSU for this upcoming 2014-2015 school year
I'm an exchange student from Germany and I'm going to study at San Diego State University from August to December 2014. For that time, I am looking for a place to live. The a...
I am a student in San Diego for six months from May to November
Hellooo there! My name is Janielle Parungao and I just graduated from San Diego State University with a full time job. I am very laid back and open to anything. I love to ...
Hi! I am relocating from Northern California to San Diego in July. I am looking for a roommate or roommates to share a place with somewhere near downtown. I am very easy goi...
I'm going to MESA College for a semester starting Fall 2014 until I can claim residency then I'll be transferring to San Diego State. I plan on moving to California from Conne...
I am an open openmind girl from Mideast, and I am 27years. I wish I have a respectful roommate and girl. I had grate accommodation with American girl, but she moved another ci...
I will study for 3 months at UCSD and Im Looking for a room
19 Year old college student, transferring from Austin, Texas to San Diego, California.
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